Emotional malnutrition:

In recent decades governments in their social development programs, have put emphasis on food nutrition especially in the so-called third world, with which I fully agree and I join the efforts of all those countries have focused on this noble cause that benefits children, however there is a malnutrition which very few people speak and emotional malnutrition.
What is this?
As time passes and you pay more attention to external and justification such values as money, triumphalism, “the popularity” (social networks) to name a few is that we displacing other, from that point of view we can say that some children are growing this new generation or future generations with the aptly named EMOTIONAL MALNUTRITION.
The scarcity of values can bring the breakdown of basic social fabric, whether headed to children and young people to this sense why should we expect a generational change ?, what will really get autocomparables generations linking success with money, emotional detachment, attachment to habits, finally, depersonalization.
The work to combat this evil by society itself, but it must begin with parents how many parents know their children values ?, what is important to each of them? the lack thereof generates a communication break, if we add that in some cases education, which is not the same as the instruction but that we will see in our next content is focused on giving advice and transferring experiences, would not it be better support development experiences and that you support the knowledge of children and young people ?, how often worry about the feeling and well-being of future generations?
Responsible parenthood is what generates recognition, self-esteem, self-knowledge and the full development of emotional intelligence itself preparing individuals for interaction, respect and consistency among others.
I am convinced that nothing will change if we do not prepare the new generations with referential frameworks based on values and in the strict sense of happiness. We can say that each person is different therefore advice you want to convey experience will generate a shoulder of the experimental field of the individual and it is this that will form and / or develop their multiple intelligences.
Could we start today to know what is important for children and young people and from there to talk about?



Master Coach Juan Carlos Martínez Chuecas

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